Ok, here are some roleplying tips. PLEASE read them if you are at all new to roleplaying or even if you are very experienced. Everyone can learn something new :)

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Developing your CharacterEdit

Making a CharacterEdit

If you'd like to join a roleplay but don't have a character, first you need to make one. If you've been on The Hunger Games Wiki, which you probably have, you've probably seen a lot of Tribute Templates. Lots of people change the templates up to their own style and prefferance, but I think the best tribute should at least have all of these things filled out.











Now, even if you fill out all of this information, your character may not be as detailed as he/she could be. Remember, in roleplaying, these are real people. Not just a couple of sentences. So really describe them here! Trust me, it makes roleplaying so much easier.

Here are a few examples of what a good tribute format looks like versus a bad tribute format, even though all of the information is filled out on both. Please don't actually use either of the examples in roleplaying, because they are examples, and you didn't make them up.

Bad Tribute Templeate ExampleEdit

Name: Bob

Age: 20

District: 11

Gender: Female

Weapons: Anyhing, but mainly the mainstream ones, like Swords.

Strengths: She's good at everything except for his weakesses.

Weaknesses: She's afraid of heights and dying.

Personality: Bob's really awesome and everyone says that she's epic and sexy.

Backstory: Both of Bob's siblings died in a Hunger Games and she overcame it after many long years and swore to avenge them.

Appearance: Curly blonde, Blue eyes, Tan.

That template is bad for the following reasons.

  1. Bob is a terrible name because it's unorigional and has no last name. Be creative with naming your characters. I mean really, have you ever met someone named Katniss, Finnick, Peeta, or Gale?
  2. Bob is a guys name and this character is a girl. Please make the names make sense and at leastkind of fit your character!
  3. All of the information isn't longer then a sentence. A good Tribute Template has almost paragraphs on the ones like Backstory, Personality, Strengths and Weaknesses. Appearance and Weapons should have a sentence or 2 or lists, and Gender, Age, Name and District only need one word answers.
  4. Her Appearance isn't very discriptive or include a picture.
  5. Her weapons are very mainstream and it says she can use almost anything. Be creative with their weapons! There are all kinds of toys that they can play with >:D and your person shouldn't be good with everything, especially if they're not from a Career district.

I'll continue this later