So, first, as the title says... HEEYYYY. Second, you all should soooo come back because this wiki is amazing and it needs it people and omfg omfg omfg. Guess who just read the Divergent books and can't WAIT for the third book? Can ya guess? Can ya? Can ya?! CAN YA?!

Okay, okay, you forced it out of me. IT WAS ME. So like, I am uber bored so I want ideas for stories. Leave any creative or interesting replies below and me along with Tobias, the Doctor, Sherlock Holmes (from the TV series), Dean and Sammy Winchester, Merlin and King Arthur will get back and will post stories either on here or on my old story blog.

So... LATEZ! Rainy MarixTalon <3


So, I decided to just use this as some RP blog. Morgan, I want you to meet me here to RP when I get off, 'kay? ^.^

Also, dis is the bomb. Like, it's so perf c: It describes the Mari/Talon relationship so well:

This is the perf thing, 'kay<3

So like, yeah, we can continue our Divergent RP here or something <3 Rainy MarixTalon <3

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