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  • SlappingSquirrels

    (Different) Stories

    December 12, 2012 by SlappingSquirrels

    I laugh nervouly when she asks the question during our little game of Truth-not-Dare when we're camping together. "My first kiss? Why do you care?" I say, not wanting to speak of it to her. She won't let up, insisting that I tell her all about it. I think of lying and saying that the first kiss we ever shared was my first one ever, but she won't believe that. She knows all about my history with other girls. There's absolutely no way that I can talk out of this, because this is Mari I'm talking to. Even if I managed to avouid the question now, she'd ask it again later and I'd be forced to answer. I know that I have to follow the rules of the game and tell the truth.

    After a reluctant sigh, I begin weaving the tale. The scene plays in my mind…

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  • SlappingSquirrels

    Roleplaying! :D

    September 18, 2012 by SlappingSquirrels

    Ok, so as like everyone knows, this wiki is mainly completely used for Roleplaying on the chat. Right? So, I figured, we can start a roleplay that's not on the chat, so that if someone can't chat or is gone for a while they can still be included. So here it is! :D

    Comment in the comments section to RP. Make sure you're still using the RP format! :D

    I add people after you jump into the RP, so just join!

    Name District Age Owner
    Alto Barren 12 16 SlappingSquirrels
    Indigo Cronin 10 15 SlappingSquirrels
    Echo Lavyathin 12 16 SlappingSquirrels
    Crimson Rosedain 10 16 GlimmerandSparkle
    Talon Rosedain 10 17 GlimmerandSparkle
    Danica Rosedain 10 16 GlimmerandSparkle
    Cirena Staford 8 13 Rainfacestar
    Mariette Staford 10 16 Rainfacestar
    Filivena Staford 10 16 Rainfa…

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